Broadening Your Hiring Horizons in a Tight Talent Market

Are you among the 69% of employers struggling to fill positions?

Perhaps it’s time to rethink ‘how’ and ‘who’ you hire.

When was the last time you “took a chance” on a candidate, even when their background didn’t appear to be a great match for your position?

Focusing on skills, credentials, and experience is important when making a hire, but these things will only get you so far, especially in a job market as tight as this one. You also need to consider a candidate’s personality, drive, and future potential.

But how? And why?

Let’s start with the ‘how’. Given most of us are not blessed with the ability to predict the future, pre-hire assessments can provide great insight into a candidate’s personality and potential.

*Enter, the Prevue Assessment*

The Prevue Assessment measures aptitude, motivations and interests, and personality – a psychometric cocktail guaranteed to add value to your hiring process.

Aptitude will tell you how quickly someone will learn and use new information. The Motivations and Interests portion can show you how in-tune their work preferences are with your open role. Finally, the Personality piece paints a picture of a candidate’s ‘default setting’ or innate characteristics. The cherry on top? Prevue’s capability to customize assessment benchmarks specific to your open position.

Now, for the ‘why’.

Thinking outside of the box, rather, increasing the size of the box, will allow you to identify a wider pool of candidates who could be successful in your open position, which is key when there are many companies vying for the same skillsets.

Hiring someone who doesn’t perfectly fit the ‘must haves’ mold of the job you’re hiring for doesn’t have to be risky business. If you broaden the scope of the types of backgrounds you’re willing to consider for the role, and pair that with a comprehensive assessment tool during the interview process, you may be surprised at what you find.

Maybe you’ll identify a less experienced candidate who has high aptitude for learning new things and the perfect personality traits to excel in your company, or you’ll be able to assess who a potential top performer is between two candidates with identical backgrounds on paper. Either way, additional data points during the hiring process can help you make a quick and informed decision in a hot candidate market.  

CorTalent has extensive experience utilizing the Prevue Assessment both internally and with our clients and have seen the valuable perspectives it provides. Please reach out to Andrew Kuderer, Sr Client Success Manager at CorTalent, for more information on how this assessment could positively impact your organization.

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