Consulting Case Study #2

In this installment of Consulting Case Studies, we’re exploring a collaboration with a client seeking to fill leadership positions with internal talent. Here’s where our consulting services helped make strategic, data-driven, people decisions.

Q: Tell us a little about this company and what their pain point was?

A: Earlier this year we partnered with a client seeking to fill two senior leadership positions. They wanted to know if there were members on the team who were ready to take on these roles or could at some point be prepared to step into those positions.

Q: What services or solutions from CorTalent were proposed?

A: Our Leadership Accelerator product is a really nice way to gauge the capability of the individual being considered for these promotions. It also provides insights to the full potential that high performers could provide within the organization. Most critically, each participant gets a customized development plan to their specific needs. We know from experience that understanding how to develop those individuals into leadership roles is typically the most challenging part.

Q: How did you go about executing this plan?

A: We identified a cross-section of employees to assess using the Leadership Accelerator process. These individuals included likely successors, high potential individuals, and key team members who the client wanted to invest in. Each participant’s Coaching Report provided insights on how to manage this talent in a short term, but then also how to develop them in a way that would help make the company better overall. We always focus development plans through the lens of the employee’s career aspirations. It’s a natural motivator to frame development in a way that helps the employee and company progress. Assessing a large group of people has additional advantages. We identified important cultural insights that influenced how the President could lead the organization in a way to improve engagement, retention, and address a handful of other factors that the company was experiencing.

Q: What positive outcomes did you see happen for this company?

A: After delivering our findings, the President was able to make a much more confident decision around who was going to step into those leadership positions. He also had a much clearer understanding around how to prepare the high potential talent on his team. There’s about two or three people vying for the same position about 3-4 years down the road. This helped the President identify who was most likely to fill that role and how to develop them now so they could step into that position much more smoothly.

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