CorTalent Client Q&A: Highlighting a Decade-Long Partnership

We asked Tony Wand and Tim Foley, the CEO and VP of Sales and Marketing, from HM Cragg a few questions about how our services have impacted their business over the decade-long partnership. Here’s what they had to say!

If there’s one word that you could use to describe your experience with CorTalent, what would it be?

Tony: Partner.

Tim: Timesaver.

Why did you decide to work with CorTalent initially? 

Tony: We were growing quickly and knew we were going to ramp up even more in our hiring, so we wanted a partner that could learn our business and culture, and grow with us.

Tim: We were looking for more expertise than a single HR generalist could affordably bring into the company. CorTalent has brought that varying expertise, and we hear from new employees that we are a very professional organization for our size.

What do you think differentiates CorTalent from others in our industry? 

Tony: They get to know their clients FIRST, before they embark on a recruiting project. The “easy” part is to find candidates. The more difficult, but most important, part is to find candidates that fit our culture and core values. They do that, 100%. 

Tim: They take the time to understand our culture, which as an ESOP is extremely important. CorTalent also spends time upfront trying to dial in what our true needs are for a role, not just trusting the job description we’ve provided. On top of recruiting, they have a full suite of services to help us in other areas of talent management.

In what ways has your business been impacted since starting to work with CorTalent? 

Tony: In my 9 years at HM Cragg we have grown from 30 employee owners to 130, and we can safely say that CorTalent has filled 75-80 new positions for us in that time. We would not be able to successfully grow without CorTalent getting the people part right. It’s even more critical in today’s labor market.

Tim: The biggest impact is likely in our recruiting and hiring processes. We’ve hired dozens of people in my time here. I cannot imagine the amount of time our leadership team has saved by having a trusted partner with a solid team and solid process to lead this activity for us.

How have CorTalent’s services impacted you and your role specifically?

Tony: Early on I spent a fair amount of my time fulfilling some of the HR functions related to Recruiting. I completely trust CorTalent so I no longer need to do those functions. 

Tim: Without CorTalent as a partner, I imagine I’d be using a few contingency recruiters for new roles and reading a ton of resumes from unqualified candidates. Their assistance in sourcing dramatically reduces that time waste. 

If you were to recommend CorTalent’s services to others, what would you say?  

Tony: Mary and her team are ingrained in our business here at HM Cragg so they know our culture, core values, personalities, and what makes us tick. We have grown significantly in the last 4-5 years. That would not have happened without CorTalent by our side!

Tim: CorTalent’s services have been a big enabler for our nearly 3X revenue growth, and nearly 4X people growth, over the past eight years. Take the plunge.

If you want to learn more about our Retained Search, Project-Based Search, or Consulting service offerings, please connect with our Senior Client Success Manager Andrew Kuderer [email protected]

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