Interviewing… How to Stand Out in a Crowd

BE YOURSELF!!! First of all…you should not be applying for a position that does not fit your background, skill set, capabilities and passion because all of that will come out in the interview and therefore won’t go well. Now, if you do have what it takes then you have to be yourself at all times throughout the interview. It’s not just about a body in a seat anymore, it’s about culture fit and “culture fit” means values, personality, pace and the obvious…your previous experience and how that relates to XYZ company. It’s really important to research the company before you go in to your interview. Bring in the notes you’ve jotted down and questions you would like to ask. This alone will separate you from the majority of the people going in to an interview. Getting a job requires work and you want to make sure the employer knows you put time in to researching and understanding their business.

The whole package is, of course, very important. How do you feel when you sit down with someone for the first time and the first impression of the individual you met with was horrible. Do you think you will want to meet with him/her again or call them back for another coffee meeting? Probably not. So making a great first impression in an interview is extremely important. Your body language, facial expressions, appearance and overall interaction throughout the interview are all indicators of the person you are and will either lead you down the path of getting the job or hearing, “we are moving forward with other candidates that we feel are better suited for the role, but we appreciate your time and best of luck in your job search.”

It’s okay and natural to be nervous but when you are truly yourself, you’ve studied the company and you’ve prepared important questions…you are three steps ahead of the rest. The only other thing you could possibly do to separate yourself would be to bring along information that supports your successful track record and follow up with a thank you letter via email or the old fashion hand written card.

Always remember that every company has a culture and people fit that culture for a reason. Decide what kind of culture you want to work in and go after it because that will only lead to successful results!

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