LinkedIn Jobs App: Simplifying the Job Search

By: Jason Schober

LinkedIn recently released the LinkedIn Job Search app and simplicity is at its core. As you likely have experienced, the job search can be a tedious time consuming process. Many of us have experienced having to register on an organization’s site, filling out field after field of the same information. Some sites even have what appears to be a time saving “auto-fill” feature. Great! Oh but now it looks like someone took the contents of your resume and loaded it into a boggle tray and then threw it across the room. Can you imagine having to do all this via your smart phone? I would predict a lot of thrown phones. Let’s examine what effects this LinkedIn integrated, career search app may have on job seekers and employers alike.

InApply: Click and You’re Done

Simply type in the preferred job title and location and there are a host of openings just waiting for job seekers to apply. See those listings with the little blue LinkedIn logo? That is the InApply feature. It allows users to apply simply by using your Linkedin profile. Say goodbye to tedious traditional process, say hello to simplicity.

What this could mean for employers: There are those that believe a lengthy application process is the first step in filtering out the less desirable candidates. By allowing candidates to apply with one click rather than several hundred this filter is taken away. Could this potentially make work a little more difficult for recruiters and HR professionals? Sure. But, It is more likely that perfectly qualified candidates who are weary of the traditional process are more likely to apply for that position.


While not as innovative as the InApply feature, the Discover feature is useful in that it displays other job postings based off of the users viewing history. A handy tool that may call to attention positions the user may not have considered or noticed. Again, not groundbreaking but this has been an integrated staple on the desktop interface and proven to benefit active jobseekers.

What this could mean for employers: If you are worrying about having the right job title to attract candidates, this feature should ease the pain. If you are in the ball park, qualified candidates will find you through this feature. Keywords will play a big factor in these efforts, so make sure the job description is accurate.

 Track: Simplifying the Hunt

Most active job seekers aren’t just applying for a job or two but several. To properly track the status of these positions can add further work to an already frustrating process. Track allows the user to organize their search; saving time and possibly preventing a great opportunity from slipping through the cracks.

What this could mean for employers: Just as lengthy job applications can serve as a sort of filter for employers, the tracking process can do the same. In theory those applicants that are diligent enough to track and follow up on applications may be seen as “more worthy” of an interview. This feature may break down that barrier.

Notifications: Personal Digital Recruiter

This is a really fantastic feature. Imagine a notification when a potential employer views a job seeker’s application, new jobs from saved searches or expiring saved jobs. This app serves as a sort of digital recruiter personalizing your job search and keeping you abreast of new opportunities. Like the rest of the features on this app it’s the simplicity that makes it so useful.

What this could mean for employers: Specifically, the HR and recruiting departments may notice a change. This “digital recruiter” wouldn’t all together replace their human counterparts it may give job seekers a tool which would make them less likely to seek out the help of job placement agencies.

All in all, this simple, intuitive app has the potential to simplify the job seeking process while altering the way organizations initially filter candidates. It was only a matter of time that LinkedIn developed this app after releasing the LinkedIn Recruiter app around this time last year. Time will tell how impactful this app could be for both the career minded and employers alike, but LinkedIn is steering in the right direction.

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