MN Recruiters Fall 2013 Conference: What Made an Impression

A majority of our team attended their first MN Recruiters Conference yesterday. The MN Recruiters organization has become one of the largest state recruiters organizations in the country. Jason Buss of MN Recruiters even touted this in his opening remarks,”…We have grown so much over the last few years, that we are able to attract the same speakers that national conferences offer but for a fraction of the price.” (this was in comparison the Recruiting Trends Conference held last week in Las Vegas). Other than the normal SWAG that comes from attending a conference, our team walked away with these impressions from speakers Geoff Peterson (@geoffpeterson), Deb Andrychuk and Ryan Stene of The Arland Group (@thearlandgroup) and Karin Lash of (@indeed).

1. Email is still one of the best ways to attract talent and engage a candidate

  • Email signatures, when appropriately formatted, also help retain and hold the interest of those you are networking with

2. Job descriptions that are between 700 and 2000 words have a 30% higher success rate in attracting candidates.

  • A strong paragraph at the beginning of a job description is also important. It can not only describe the job but the culture of the company by style and tone of  the words.

3. Google insights and keyword research on job titles help to ensure you are targeting the right audience.

  • Creative job titles may show the culture of your company and internal job titles might keep your HR team consistent, but candidates are not searching for them.

4. While many recruiters are utilizing LinkedIn for their sourcing, many professionals are still struggling with how to use social media to source and attract quality candidates.

  • Over 50% of job seekers said they used Facebook in finding a job. (jobvite)
  • Over 30% of job seekers said they used Twitter in finding a job. (jobvite)

5. Video Resumes and Streaming Live/On-Demand Interviews are intriguing the market, but compliance and legal issues are the cause of hesitancy in organizations implementing these tactics.

  • In my discussion with another attendee, she mentioned that a video resume would be helpful in the hiring process for client/consumer facing positions, but still doesn’t know how it follows EEOC compliance.

Our team is dedicated to keep up with the latest recruiting and sourcing trends. We strive to create innovative processes that help our clients attract the best active and passive candidates in the market. We place an emphasis on social sourcing and networking and already have a few new ideas to follow up on after our experience at MN Recruiters Fall Conference. If you have any questions about this article or how CorTalent (@CorTalent) can help your organizations, feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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