Retaining Your Talent: How to Keep Employees Who’ve Been Offered Other Jobs

Our very own Angela Harder, Director of Consulting for CorTalent, wrote a helpful article on how to retain employees who’ve been offered other jobs! She runs through tips for improving employee retention and explains why splitting with some employees may pay off in the long run.

Employee Retention Techniques

Convincing your hardest-working employees to stay after they’ve been offered competitive opportunities at different companies is a tough position to be in. It’s important to understand why the employee is leaving so you can either make adjustments to keep them around or understand what needs to change to reduce turnover going forward.

From here, you can develop a proactive approach that will encourage your best employees to stick around with these high-level tips from Angela’s article.

Make listening to your employees a priority:

  • Hold open team meetings where employees are encouraged to speak up
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about their concerns, issues and career goals

Schedule quarterly reviews or consistent one-on-one meetings:

  • Use this as a time to get to know your employees better
  • Bring examples of excellent work they performed and give praise where praise is due
  • Check in on any concerns they may have or life changes/goals they want to share
  • Be open to making these fun occasions through business lunches or happy hours

Splitting ways may be better for both sides

  • Splitting may be the most cost-effective option to ensure the employee has a job that meets their salary needs and prevents your business from being stretched too thin
  • Conduct an exit interview to uncover helpful insights you can act on to improve the working experience for future employees

For more tips on employee retention, check out Angela’s article! If you’re looking for support or in-person consultation as you develop an employee retention strategy, reach out to Angela and the rest of our team. We’ve helped business owners, operators and managers establish employee retention and recruitment strategies they can rely on for the long haul.

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