Talent Calibrator

How fast can your talent develop? How high is your top performer’s potential? Do you have the talent internally to grow, or do you need to go external? The Talent Calibrator is an assessment of an individual’s current performance and future potential. The CorTalent Talent Calibrator process uses a 5-box assessment to determine who is ready for more responsibility, which talent is under-performing, and identify potential successors for key roles.

What is a 5-box?






The 5-box helps define employee performance and potential. Individuals are placed in one of the five boxes to identify current capability and future growth opportunities. After placement, leaders prioritize development efforts to maximize employee potential and value to your organization.

How Talent Calibrators Work

Before – 1. Initial Assessment

Gather evidence to inform the employee’s performance and potential

During – 2. Calibration

Plot talent on 5-box continuum

During – 3. Development

Identify development opportunities and skill or experience gaps

After – 4. Activation

Share feedback, create development goals, and prepare employees for future career opportunities

Strategically Develop Talent

Identify Future Leaders

Develop and retain your top employees

Ensure right seat

Ensure mismatched employees find their right seat

Align Talent to Initiatives

Confidently assign critical projects to the right people