Audit Package

In today’s flooded marketplace, it is critical that your organization has an effective recruitment process in place. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive review
of your processes to ensure you can effectively improve your talent acquisition
strategy and attract the right people.


  • Identify interviewers/decision makers; Determine Timing; Interview Technique; Assessments
  • Review Recruitment Tools – Job Boards; Applicant Tracking System; LinkedIn Recruiter; Groups; Associations; Colleges/Trade Schools
  • Review of Employment Brand – LinkedIn; Careers Pages; Social Media Presence; Company Information
  • Review Job Descriptions/Profiles for Posting & Marketing – Formatting; Brand; Key Words; Special Promotions; Paid Advertisements
  • Final Report Outlining Key Strengths, Gaps & Recommendations

Length: 4 – 6 Weeks


  • Two Initial 60-Minute Jumpstart Sessions to Review Audit Process & Outcomes
  • Ongoing Engagement with Your Team to Complete Audit
  • Final 60-Minute Report-Out Session of All Findings

Investment: $5,000

Audit Package

Do you know if you have the right talent in your organization? When it comes to their roles, do they get it, want it, and have the capacity for it? We provide a structured assessment process that helps you gain clarity on whether you have the right talent to take your organization to the next level.


  • Individual Key Stakeholder Interviews – 60 Minutes Each
  • Individual Participant Interviews – 60 Minutes Each
  • Individual Participant Assessments – 60 Minutes Each
  • Individual 360 Participant Reviews – Self; Peers; Subordinates; and Direct Reports
  • Jobs Analysis – Compare and Contrast Job Duties Against Job Description

Length: 4 – 6 Weeks


$10,000 – $35,000 – Depends on Number of Unique Roles to Be Evaluated

Lifecycle Assessment

Everyone talks about the importance of assessments, but nobody shows you how to select the right one and use it effectively. When it comes to making critical hiring and people development decisions, it is imperative that you use the proper tool. We provide an assessment platform that equips you with valid and reliable data, enabling you to hire right and subsequently develop your people for optimal performance and career growth.


  •  Four Initial Training Sessions on Tool – 60 Minutes Each
  • Company Assessment Website – Proprietary Portal to Access and Review Assessments
  • Customizable Job Benchmarks – Profiles of the Desired Attributes and Traits of Role
  • Selection Report with EEOC-Compliant Interview Guides – Tied to Custom Job Benchmarks
  • Approach to Work Reports – Preferred Talent Culture and Leadership Styles
  • Coaching and Development Reports – Insights of the Unique Talent Profile
  • Success and Career Planning Reports – Benchmarking of Talent Against Roles
  • Quarterly Check-In Meetings – Equip You to Fully Utilize All Capabilities


  • $200 for a One-Time Assessment
  • $1,500 – 10-Pack of One-Time Assessments
  • $3,500 – 25-Pack of One-Time Assessments
  • Unlimited Assessment License:
    – $6,000: 0 – 49 Employees
    – $8,600: 50 – 99 Employees
    – $10,800: 100 – 149 Employees
    – $13,000: 150 – 199 Employees
    – $15,200: 200 – 249 Employees
    – $17,400: 250 – 299 Employees
    – Special Pricing Available Above 300 Employees