The Do’s and Dont’s of Following Up


If you’ve applied for a job online or through a company Web site, follow up via phone within three days. Before you make that call, re-read the job description and pick out two key points that match your experience to the job that you can discuss with the hiring manager. Use examples to show them why you should be considered.

If you get the hiring mangers voicemail it’s okay to say that you will follow up again in four to five days if you don’t hear back from them.

Find other ways to connect with employers or hiring manager – for example, through LinkedIn. This way you can also show off more about your background and experience through your LinkedIn profile.

When you conclude an interview make sure to ask the hiring manager what the next steps are in the process. Then simply ask what the best way to follow-up with them is. Be sure to get a business card to send them a thank you.


Don’t just apply for a job and hope that you’re going to get a call. Turn yourself into a viable candidate by following up and thinking outside the box on ways to separate yourself. Here’s a tip: Research the company and mention a core value of yours that aligns with one of their core values. This helps show the employer that your background aligns with the culture of the company. Employers want the right fit as well as the person with the right skills/experience.

Never ramble when leaving a voicemail or writing the thank you. Practice before calling, be precise and confident.

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