The Positive Impacts of a Long-Term Recruiting Partnership

When it comes to Recruitment Process Outsourcing, CorTalent is ready to support your organization for a short-term high-volume hiring project or to become a long-term partner supporting ongoing recruitment efforts. We recently interviewed Taylor Wells, the Talent Acquisition Partner at Compute North, to find out what their experience has been like throughout our multi-year RPO partnership.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be?

Taylor: Seamless.

What makes our monthly retainer option stand out vs other services?

Taylor: As a small, but quickly growing organization, our company has greatly benefited from the monthly retainer option that CorTalent offers. It allows for great collaboration, frequent communication, and ultimately, efficient growth. We’ve enjoyed that through this partnership, they have grown to be an extension of our in-house recruiting team and brand.

What was the problem you were hoping to solve / why did you decide to work with us initially?

Taylor: We are a smaller company that is growing quickly. This meant that we did not have a lot of internal bandwidth to dedicate to recruiting. We knew we would benefit from outsourcing our recruiting efforts, however, did not want to do so if it would cost us the integrity of our process and lead to regrettable turnover. CorTalent assumed this role and quickly got up to speed with our culture and our talent needs. On top of our weekly working sessions, they are only a call away.

In what way(s) has your business been impacted since starting to use our services?

Taylor: CorTalent has had a positive impact on our growth story. They do what is needed and often go the extra mile. They’ve worked to develop rapport and trust with our leaders which contributes to our overall success.

How have our services helped develop your team/leaders?

Taylor: They work diligently to understand our culture, mission, and growth story. Metaphorically, they sit on the same side of the table as us, work to understand our gaps, and then help us to close them. Having a strong leadership team remains critical as we grow, and they’ve helped us to fill some key roles.

How have our services impacted you and your role specifically?

Taylor: Coming to Compute North six months ago, I realized quickly that I had large shoes to fill. I realized the things that only I could do and then determined where I could trust others to build my team for success. I came in to manage talent acquisition and ensure that our partners were sourcing us the best talent and that is what we’ve been able to do.

What do you think differentiates CorTalent from others in our industry?

Taylor: This team cares. We don’t feel as if we are just another client or another position to fill. They treat our company as they would their own and what I value most is that I never experience hesitation. They always adapt with us and have never made us feel like a burden.

If you were to recommend our services to others, what would you say?

Taylor: If you want a team you can count on and that you know are the best extension of your brand, then CorTalent is the team to go with. They show up with honesty, integrity, and are a delight to work with.

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