Turnaround CEO Kristine Glancy & the story of Insignia Systems

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Our first episode:

Turnaround CEO Kristine Glancy & the story of Insignia Systems

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Kristine is an accomplished Executive with over 20 + years of history in the Retail and CPG industry. Kristine joined Insignia in May 2016, during a time when the board was dominated by two activists who owned 40% of the company. Much of the team had been with Insignia for 15+ years, but the business was on a downward trend. For 26 years, revenues fell between $18 – $28 million and, as a whole, the company was unable to develop new innovative solutions for its clients.

Kristine was tasked with creating a new, positive path for Insignia Systems. Since joining, Kristine has:

  • Restructured 60% of the organization
  • Turned over 80% of the board
  • Developed 13 new products
  • Reversed an operating loss in 2017 by nearly $3 million in 2018
  • Successfully grew the company +26% in 2018

About Insignia Systems:

Insignia Systems products range from in-store solutions to digital advertising. They are trusted by prominent CPGs and retailers across the country to provide a full suite of shopper engagement solutions.

Insignia partners with many large and emerging CPG clients who rely on our well-known expertise in the dynamic retail environment to help them develop marketing strategies and execute a wide range of tactics, both in- and out-of-store. Insignia also nurtures deep relationships with top retailers, and executes unique solutions in a large network of stores that range from national grocery chains and mass merchandisers to large regional stores and wholesalers.

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