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How often do people help make an experience memorable and valuable? We are passionate about helping business owners find people who will advance your business and harness the ability to become true leaders within your organization. We will help you get the right people in the right seat at the right time.

Our Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) Recruiters
If you are a devoted follower of the EOS™ model, you understand how critical it is for your business to have the right people in the right seats. We partner with companies who have applied this to their business plan and want to bring the same detail to their people plan.
As users of EOS™ in our own business model, we understand how important constructive conversations are when it comes to making decisions about your people. Whether it is a critical hire, the design of an accountability chart or leadership assessment, our EOS recruiters are proficient in this methodology.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Partners
We partner with a number of ESOP organizations staffed with talented employees who are invested in their organizations. With your stock price being a key indicator of success, you need to find and manage individuals who live on the edge of innovation and possess the desire to succeed.
We work with ESOPs on a number of levels. From executive search and talent management to independent board reviews for an organization’s CEO. Our partnership will offer you
insights on how to find, select, and retain your employee-owners.

Women-Owned Businesses
With strong ties to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WEBENC), our owner Mary Nutting is passionate about the growth and success of women-owned businesses. Our team is with you in the pursuit of your dreams, and we help you find and retain the talent your business needs to go to the next level. We understand your challenges as a woman business owner. Let us connect you to the resources that will equip your business for growth.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)
Your business is constantly evolving and you need skilled people who can adapt to different roles and carry multiple responsibilities. Whether you are searching for your first sales leader or rethinking your finance department, our executive recruiting process starts by defining the individual you need to fill your small business gaps.
As a fellow small business, we thrive off the energy, passion and organized chaos that comes with businesses of this size. Let us help you find the individual that best fits your needs and identify your existing employees who will help scale toward the future.

Find the next step
in your career.

Are you searching for a new challenge? Now is your chance to find the role that will take your career to the next level. Work with recruiters who are passionate about matching the right people with the right opportunities. CorTalent partners with highly respected businesses looking for driven individuals to fill sales, operations, executive and a variety of other roles. Will you be the right fit?

The Candidates We Are Searching For

If there is one thing to know about CorTalent’s job matching services, it is that we are not your average recruiting company. We do not match just any person to any job — we work with people who know the path they want to follow and match them with the opportunities that best meet their needs. We will not try and place you in a role that is not a good fit just to make a buck.  We will also help you explore opportunities you might not have thought about that will help propel you forward in your career.

The Jobs We Recruit For

Our specialty is filling roles for this is limiting so please use all of the disciplines listed on our search position example page.  We carefully vet the businesses we partner with so we know we are matching people with roles they will thrive in. We fill roles for clients across the nation, but also work closely with many local businesses in the Minneapolis area. We have partnered with businesses of all sizes — from Fortune 500s to small entrepreneurial companies.

How Our Recruiting Process Works

It is our job to ensure we are presenting our clients with the most qualified, best-fitting candidates. As such, we take a careful and thorough approach to our recruiting process. If you know the trajectory of your career, and you are ready for a change in workplace culture or a more challenging role, follow these steps:
1. View our job openings.
2.Brush up your resume and LinkedIn profile, clearly identifying your goals for your next job.
3. A recruiter will reach out to you to discuss your resume and career vision.
4. If you are the right fit, our recruiter will present you to the hiring manager.
We are proud to build strong relationships with not only our clients, but also our candidates. If you are selected for the role, your recruiter will follow up with you on your 30, 60 and 90-day marks to check in on your progress and ensure your satisfaction.

Client Testimonial

“Like many small business environments, we work hard to keep overhead expenses at a minimum to maximize overall profitability. CorTalent has helped us make our talent acquisition process significantly more organized. With the efficiencies brought to our internal process, I now have more time to focus on other operational priorities.”

Becky Lewis – COO of All In One Accounting, Inc.