Great Leadership Teams Don’t Happen By Chance

Rather, great leadership teams work on working together effectively. Our workshops improve collaboration, strengthen connections, and help you get laser focused on your most important goals. Workshops are a great way to make a big impact in a short amount of time. They can help with goal alignment and focus, getting your team on the same page, and are an effective tool for jumpstarting collaboration that will propel your business forward.

CorTalent's Workshops

CorTalent uses best in class workshop practices but then customizes them for your unique business. Our team has experience in a number of different behavioral models. Statistics show that most people forget 90% of what they learned in a workshop without proper follow-up and action plans. Our solution is to build in follow-up coaching and facilitated action plans.

Leadership Workshops for Business Owners in Minneapolis

Leadership Workshops

  • Two-hour workshop focused on specific leadership skill(s)
  • Monthly cadence
  • Facilitated by CorTalent

Peer Coaching

  • One hour “check-in” conversation with designated peer
  • Revisit materials to embed learning
  • Accountability to promote application

What To Expect

Our Workshop Offerings are designed to take your talent and leadership to the next level.


We approach workshops in the same way we do with any client engagement: by starting with your current state and aligning our approach and content with your business goals to set you up for success.


Workshops are a significant logistical undertaking – we will manage the details so you don’t have to. We also ensure that there is proper stakeholder communication and an effective change management process in place.

Ongoing Support

After each workshop, we schedule one- and three-month check-ins to answer follow-up questions, provide in the moment coaching, and ensure intended progress stays on track.