Your Employer Offers You More Money to Stay, Now What?

by. Mary Nutting

The fastest growing demographic of job applicants are passive candidates. These candidates are gainfully employed, but their skills and experience make them attractive to other potential employers. Once a passive candidate makes the choice to take another position, there is potential for a unique situation. If this employee gives notice and is a key member of the company, the employer may counter with a better compensation package. While this may be enticing, its important to keep perspective. There was a reason for entertaining a career change in the first place. Here are a few things to consider before staying with the current employer.

1. Remind yourself the original reason you considered making a change

When making the decision to entertain new job opportunities, there is some reason they sound enticing compared to your current employment. Most of the time those reasons are still there. Even when your current employer offers you more money to stay and compensation was your biggest reason for deciding to leave, there are some underlying issues. Those can be your current employer doesn’t appreciate your work enough or doesn’t offer pay increases regularly for good work and increased responsibility.

2. Money isn’t everything, weigh all your options

Now that your employer has offered more money, let’s say that tips the scale in their favor. But, there are other deciding factors for consideration. Health Care and Retirement Benefits can be huge and can offer tax breaks. Opportunity for advancement and professional growth can be another consideration. Having a job that offers opportunity to move through the company and learn new skills can keep you from restless legs. Then there are the little things that can make life simpler and happier. Shorter commute, flexible work hours, and tuition reimbursement just a few that can be the cherry on top.

3. If you stay, your Employer will know you are willing to leave

If after weighing all your options, you find that the scale tips in the favor of your current employer, there is one big thing that remains. You have let your employer know you are willing to leave. This will be a stigma that will remain after this situation. The best way to approach this if you plan on staying is to lay it all out. Make sure your employer addresses all the issues you identified in #1. This can be the best way for both the employer and the employee to move forward without the lingering sentiment that started this situation.

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